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Mobile Application and Emergency Alert System for Smart Cities

Carecity is a smart city mobile application allowing cities and city officials to interact and communicate effectively and instantly with its citizens.

Carecity Mobile Application

Unlimited Alert Types

Citizens choose to opt-in to receive and consult personalized alerts in real time.


Surveys on various subjects are sent by your municipality and the results are count in real time.

Night Parking

Daily alerts are sent from your community regarding the status of parking zones for the night ahead.

City Information Portal

Citizens can consult the cities community portal for information and updates.

City dashboard

As a municipality manager, take advantage of a fully customizable dashboard.

Geo-localized problems report

Citizens can report geo-localized problems to their city in less than 30 seconds from their smartphone.

Carecity Highlights

Intuitive design

An easy-to-use mobile application to reach out and meet the needs of the municipalities.

iOS & Android

Using multi-platform technologies, Carecity is available to any citizen with a smart phone.

Fast and effective

The lightness of our code allowed us to create a flexible, powerful and fast mobile application.


Safety is at the very heart of the foundations of the Carecity application.

Carecity SMS Alerts and Automated Calls System

Carecity is now able to reach 100% of the population of your municipality

SMS Alerts

Send SMS alerts to your citizens in urgent situations.

Automated Calls

Send automated calls to your citizens in urgent situations.

Pay-per-use billing

Pay only for sent alerts.

Product Highlights

Integrated System with the municipal dashboard

Send urgent alerts to all your citizens via the municipal dashboard.

High content volume alerts

Send high content volume SMS alerts and automated calls.

Fast and efficient service

The lightness of our code has allowed us to create a flexible, powerful and fast service.


Safety is at the very heart of the foundations of Carecity products.


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